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Molly + Colin

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Molly and Colin wanted to do an in-home shoot so they could have some photos for their new home announcement (and first anniversary!) In-home shoots are super fun and laid back, not to mention it's so fun to have these photos in 20-30 years remembering your home together in this season of life.

Thanks for having me, guys!

I'm excited to be booking more in-home shoots this year, so if you're interested in something like this, let's chat

Very Merry Christmas Sessions

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I am teaming up with Megan Forbes (the other half of our duo, Goldmine) to bring you our Very Merry Christmas Sessions! We wanted to give the opportunity to do some fun and creative mini sessions for the holidays. Here is the info, contact me if you want to reserve a spot!

You and your loved ones! Including but not limited to: spouses, 
children, grandparents, puppies, hamsters, neighbors.

30 Minute Mini Sessions
$130 per session
10 Hi-Res Digital Images
Photos by Christina Hussey
Styling by Megan Forbes of Goldmine

Saturday, November 21st, 2015

In a fun studio setup here in Charlotte

Why not?

Contact me here
or text/call (478) 213.6308 to book your slot.

*If you are unable to make it to these these mini sessions, be sure to reach out to me
and we can set up a separate regular portrait shoot for you :)

Jonathan, In Our Home, 2013

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In the creative community it is very important to produce creative things and avoid anything cheesy. With this knowledge comes a heightened sense of awareness of cool and stylish things and the avoidance of anything outdated (in the wrong way). This can be good but can also cause a great deal of hesitation to the person who is trying to create. For a lot of creators, there is already an on-going battle with self-doubt and to also worry about only producing what's cool provides another mountain to climb. All of this to say, lately I have avoided shooting people who are close to me, like my husband and family, because somewhere in the midst of all the what's-in-what's-out I've almost forgotten what's important. That photos are meant to help remember things. They are to help remember real moments and real people in a real time.