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Introducing Leon Francis Hussey

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Early Monday morning we welcomed Leon Francis Hussey to our family. He had been letting me know he was coming for a few days, and after a weekend of laboring at home, we finally had him on August 14th. Even though he came 10 days early, he was a healthy 8lbs 2oz, 20" long. He was worth every bit of the pain that labor brings and is just as sweet as can be. I'll be on maternity leave until the beginning of October, but will be using this time as more of a creative sabbatical. Enjoying the sweet newborn snuggled up next to me as well as planning and ideating for the future months of shooting people surrounded by the ones they love and how we can make art together. Feel free to follow along with me on instagram for updates and baby instastories ;)



Birdie James Mitchem

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I've shot like every milestone for this family since they've been in Charlotte, and love it! So fun that I should just start a #mitchemfamily tag so you can peruse all of their photos. I always feel incredibly blessed when folks I shoot for turn into friends! Welcome earthside, Birdie James. You're such a little gem.