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Birdie James Mitchem

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I've shot like every milestone for this family since they've been in Charlotte, and love it! So fun that I should just start a #mitchemfamily tag so you can peruse all of their photos. I always feel incredibly blessed when folks I shoot for turn into friends! Welcome earthside, Birdie James. You're such a little gem.

Mitchem Family

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I've been shooting for Kelly & Dan since they were pregnant with their firstborn, Fox. We've become friends since then and it's been so fun watching Fox grow from a newborn to an almost two year old, and soon to be big brother. 

For this shoot, we went for a similar vibe as the last maternity shoot and even recreated some of the original images but this time with Fox in the mix! 

Thanks for having me guys, as always! Can't wait to meet that little babe!

p.s. to see their original maternity session, go here