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The eclipse was total magic! We were in 98% totality range and as the sun was eclipsed by the moon, the earth grew darker than usual (not totally dark where we were, but close). The street lights turned on, the crickets and cicadas began to chirp and all was strange. It was such a cool thing to experience! Here are some shots I took while we hung out during the darkest day.

The last two images were taken by my sweet husband, Jonathan!

Molly + Colin

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Molly and Colin wanted to do an in-home shoot so they could have some photos for their new home announcement (and first anniversary!) In-home shoots are super fun and laid back, not to mention it's so fun to have these photos in 20-30 years remembering your home together in this season of life.

Thanks for having me, guys!

I'm excited to be booking more in-home shoots this year, so if you're interested in something like this, let's chat

A Christmas Brunch with Friends

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As an adult, you have friends that become like family. In this case, some of Jon and my best friends are Megan and Austin, who are actually family. We decided to get together and do a little early Christmas celebrating to add another day to the mix of enjoying Christmas cheer with the ones we love. Megan treated us to all sorts of yummy breakfast foods including some homemade cinnamon rolls (you can find the full post on here along with the recipe). 

Here's to a brand new year with endless opportunities.

Happy New Year!