Christina Hussey Photography

Charlotte, NC | @christinahussey

One of my favorite things to do when I go home to visit my family is to pull dusty old photo albums off the large bookshelves in the living room. Some of the albums are so filled to the brim that the pages and photos tend to fall out as I heave my selected stack of heavy books down to the ground. My father always took photos and my mother was extraordinarily wonderful at printing them and organizing them into photo albums. Year after year she created ones organized by their theme: "Life with the DeRosas," "Life with the DeRosas part ii," "The Kingdom," and so on. She even had albums dedicated to each of us children filled with photos of us and drawings that we did; it was a special feeling. My favorite part of rediscovering these books will always be pulling the images out of the sleeves, touching them and reading the notes in my mother's handwriting on the back. 

Those photo albums created by the time and energy of my parents have impacted me since the day they each arrived onto our shelves. These books made me appreciate honest photography. They have woven together stories of generations, countries and experiences. 

I've always loved well told stories. Books, movies, late night conversations. My goal when shooting anything is to tell an authentic story. Not one told just by detailed and well styled shots, but instead by small moments strung together. I strive to shoot images that will mark a time in history that is authentic to who you are that you'll be able to print and place in an album that will be on your bookcase for years to come. 

On a day to day basis I shoot editorial work and on the weekends I shoot portraits and take on a few weddings a year. I have worked with an array of clients including West Elm Charlotte, Trouvé  Magazine, Hey Love! Events, Boonetown Story, Philosophy Flowers and Nectar Floral Designs. 

Some of my select work has been featured by West Elm: Front & Main, Apartment Therapy and HGTV online. You can see my work printed this Spring 2014 in Trouvé  Magazine Issue 01 and also online at Goldmine: A Lifestyle Journal.

Drop me a line for more information, inquiries or collaborations. I look forward to hearing from you!