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Piedmont Park | ATL

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Jonathan and I had a pretty rough week last week. We celebrated our anniversary Tuesday night here in town and then on Thursday both got hit with a stomach bug that had us bedridden for two days. It was quite pitiful. But hey, if you're going to be home sick you may as well be with the one you love, right? We had a camping trip planned for Saturday, but since we weren't totally recovered from being sick we decided to extend our anniversary celebration and take a weekend getaway to Atlanta. We spent most of our time relaxing around the hotel and strolling around town. We also went to a Braves game on Sunday with my family. Here are some images I took at Piedmont park, one of my favorite parks.

Jonathan, In Our Home, 2013

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In the creative community it is very important to produce creative things and avoid anything cheesy. With this knowledge comes a heightened sense of awareness of cool and stylish things and the avoidance of anything outdated (in the wrong way). This can be good but can also cause a great deal of hesitation to the person who is trying to create. For a lot of creators, there is already an on-going battle with self-doubt and to also worry about only producing what's cool provides another mountain to climb. All of this to say, lately I have avoided shooting people who are close to me, like my husband and family, because somewhere in the midst of all the what's-in-what's-out I've almost forgotten what's important. That photos are meant to help remember things. They are to help remember real moments and real people in a real time.