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When I was 12 years old, I decided to get my SCUBA diving license. My parents and older brother were frequent divers, we lived on the gulf and had the opportunity to dive as often as we wanted. Part of the training course was treading water in a very deep pool for 45 minutes. I could tread it anyway I wanted, so long as I didn't touch another person, the bottom of the pool, the edge, or ladder. I was on the swim team and spent as much time as I could at the pool recreationally anyways, so I wasn't worried about being able to handle that amount of time on the surface without a break. My older brother came alongside me and treaded water with me for the full 45 minutes, while the instructor and lifeguard ate some french fries and watched as we completed what after about 10 minutes started to feel like an eternity. After getting out of the pool, I felt like I could conquer the world. Hey, I didn't drown, and that was the biggest accomplishment.

The first half of 2017 I was pregnant and hustling as many shoots and as much work as I could logistically handle. I worked til a Friday and Leon was born on Monday. After he was born, I took a sabbatical/maternity leave of 2 months and then began shooting and working again full on. And since then, it's felt a lot like those 45 minutes of treading water. I never realized how having two little babes and a business would be such a challenge. And even though it was my most successful year in business, the tread was real and hard. But in the end, I got out of the pool at the end of 2017 and felt the sense of accomplishment, because hey, I didn't drown. 

Some fun clients I had in 2017:
- Candlewood Cabins (see feature here at Huckberry)
- Tons of awesome families that trusted me with family photos!
- WeWork
- Charlotte Agenda
- Georgia Street Design
- SOCO Gallery
- Lowe's Home Improvement
- Comporium Communications
- Boar's Head
- Willow Oak Realtors
- Outbox Self Storage

Moving into the new year, I am excited to take a dip in a new pool and hopefully do more swimming than treading. 

Some goals I have moving into the New Year:
- Get my NAS storage system up and running and finally and properly get all my work backed up
- Blog/Instagram posts on the calendar. Like actually make an effort to get some of these shoots up online so you can see what I'm up to.
- Get my business schedule more solidified and structured (which will help the whole treading water feeling)
- Meet some of my financial goals this year that feed into personal goals of buying/building a different house, traveling to LA & NYC, and beefing up our emergency fund.

If you're a photographer, what are some of your goals this year? If you're here cause you want to hire me, I'll be excited to talk to you! If you are just checking in on me cause we're friends, I love you. :) 

Happy New Year, friends!


 A blurry outtake of me, on a shoot, with 5 week old Leon. 

A blurry outtake of me, on a shoot, with 5 week old Leon. 

Photos of Elodie, on film, October 2017